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We’re Francesca and Suzanne, romance book addicts and lovers of all things paranormal. Since 2011 we’ve been raving about books online and book blogging at Under the Covers Book Blog.

After playing with Booktube and Bookstagram, we decided to launch a podcast to share our love for everything that isn’t of this world and that’s how The Fangover was born.

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Kresley Cole

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Ilona Andrews

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Night Huntress

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Sexy Aliens

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Paranormal Romance

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Kate Daniels

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The Book

When rocker vampire Johnny Malone intentionally walks into the sun, the rest of The Impalers gather for an Irish wake and jam session to send their bandmate off in style. But alcohol-laced blood and grief make for one hell of a combination…

When her brother, Johnny, dies, Stella Malone’s grief lands her in the buff arms of The Impalers’ bass player. While her tryst with Wyatt had some serious bite, Stella isn’t looking for a relationship, especially after a tipsy argument leads to her getting stuck in bat form at the wake. The rest of the hungover Impalers are in no shape to help her, meaning that Stella’s one night stand is the only one who can help her figure out what really happened last night. Only Wyatt doesn’t have a clue what happened last night, either, nor does he know that Stella is the bat currently dive-bombing his head. But he does have her purse and that has to be a start, right? Or not.

On the other hand, there is a priest passed out in the bathtub and an alcoholic parrot squawking about a chapel of love…

Which might explain the ring on Berto Cortez’s finger. How did a night of rock ’n’ roll debauchery result in him turning sexy washboard player Katie Lambert into a vampire and then marrying her? He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. But he can’t quite remember, exactly. Which means these four friends turned amnesiac couples have only one choice: hit the famed Bourbon Street for some answers…

Author’s Note: This is a laugh-out-loud romp through the streets of the French Quarter with quirky characters, general shenanigans, and a cameo from our IRL favorite bartender!

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My supernatural obsession began reading Anne Rice novels in my teenage years. I love romance but my favorite will always be a paranormal romance with strong world building. And if there’s a feline shifter in there, even better!


If there’s magic or alien abductions involved I want to know all about it! I’ve always loved any book with a hint of magic or the supernatural, add in some romance and you have a very happy reader on your hands.